CyberOlympics Estonia: 

Uncovering Talents, Enhancing Skills, and Promoting Cybersecurity Awareness

Introducing Cyber Security to the Younger Generation:

CyberOlympic Estonia provides an accessible platform for young people to develop their cybersecurity skills.

Initiated by the Estonian Ministry of Defense in 2016, this project aims to engage youth in cybersecurity through various competitions and educational initiatives.

The program helps Estonia’s younger generation see the diverse entry points into the cybersecurity world. Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has been at the forefront of creating a unique platform for skill development and community building.

Comprehensive Training Programs: A Step-by-Step Approach to Cyber Education

CyberOlympics Estonia offers a program with multiple tracks for different skill levels. The program’s structure ensures that participants can gradually advance from basic to more complex cybersecurity concepts.

The different stages of the program include:

  • Beginner Track
  • Open-Source Intelligence Track
  • Advanced Technical Track
  • Defense and Attack Skills Track

    “… students learn not only technical skills but also the importance of responsible behaviour in the digital world.”

    A mix of Hands-on and Theory

    Participants in CyberOlympics Estonia receive instruction from university experts and experienced mentors. Through a combination of hands-on exercises, theoretical lessons, and ethical discussions, students learn not only technical skills but also the importance of responsible behaviour in the digital world. The program includes activities such as:

    • Capture the Flag (CTF): Competitions that focus on both defensive and offensive cybersecurity techniques.
    • Escape Room Methodology: Encouraging students to develop their own cybersecurity exercises and puzzles.

    Creating a strong Cybersecurity Community

    A vital part of CyberOlympics Estonia is creating a supportive and collaborative community. The project facilitates both online platforms and in-person events, ensuring that participants build strong networks. Examples of events facilitated by Cyber Olympics Estonia:

    • Summer and Winter Camps: Intensive training sessions that combine technical learning with team-building activities.
    • Online Platforms: Using Discord to maintain communication and support among participants.
    • Local Events: Encouraging regional schools to participate and foster local cybersecurity initiatives.

    Overcoming Challenges: Funding and Teacher Competency

    Despite its successes, CyberOlympics Estonia faces challenges, primarily related to funding and teacher preparedness. The project relies heavily on volunteer efforts and continuous financial support. Additionally, there is a challenge to improve teachers’ competencies in delivering cybersecurity education.

    For countries looking to replicate the success of CyberOlympics Estonia, two key pieces of advice are:

    1. Establish a Strong Teacher Community: Teachers are vital in promoting and sustaining the initiative. A dedicated community of educators can drive the project’s growth.
    2. Develop Volunteer and Funding Strategies: Securing consistent funding and continuous volunteer effort is crucial for maintaining a successful project.

    Learn More About CyberOlympics Estonia

    For more information about CyberOlympics Estonia and its programs, visit their Facebook page: or their website page. Here, you can find updates on events, competitions, and resources to get involved in Estonia’s vibrant cybersecurity community.

    Contact Person 

    Birgy Lorenz

    Senior scientist/Vice-dean of BA, School of Information Technologies